Capturing lasting memories of the wee ones is a personal favourite job for Matt. He really loves babies and can help to calm them,


      “Matt is like the baby whisperer”

      –  Kaur Family 2016

      You have to take each day as it comes while they are young and if they are having an off day screaming the house down, Matt can still  help to create positive, fun memories.  There will be one moment of calm or even a smile, trust me. His patience, professionalism and experience shine through. 


      Matt recommends:

      3 months is the ideal time to capture some natural baby portraits, once your baby is a bit more active and starting to show their personality.

      Why not combine a baby photoshoot with a session for the whole family? Particularly if you have other children, having photos taken together can be a really fun, positive experience taking the focus off the baby to help strengthen the whole family bond. 

      They grow up so fast!