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How long is a session?

Newborn photoshoots I usually allow up to four hours. That gives us plenty of unhurried, stress-free time to get all the photographs we need. On top of photography there will no doubt be feeding time, a change of clothes / nappies, some crying and anything else that may happen. Some things will be photogenic, some things will not. I don’t mind how long I stay, as long as I get the photos.

Family photo sessions are usually an hour or two. This depends on where we are going, how many locations, how many family members, what the weather is doing and any food / toilet breaks that may need to happen. Again, I’m very flexible, I just want the resulting photographs to be perfect.

Maternity photography is probably the quickest. It is the most like a couple photo session and there are fewer unpredictables. This usually lasts 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on where we go. As an aside, the best time for maternity photography is at sunset where we will have a beautiful soft light.

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