Families are like Fudge… mostly sweet with a few nuts.

      Les Dawson

      What’s your clan?

      Families are all different with unique quirks. You deserve an original artwork that represents your real family lifestyle. 

      Here at Acorn to Oak we offer natural, informal, real life family photography based in Fife and Edinburgh. From maternity and birth to baby and family portraiture, we’ve got you covered.

      Matt Dale is a seasoned professional photographer who setup Acorn to Oak as a branch of the award winning Fern Wedding Photography, which he co-founded in 2011. It was the natural progression as all his wedding clients started to have babies. 


      At a location of your choice, whatever you want to wear, Matt will set you at ease and make sure you are comfortable. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to get professional quality photographic evidence of how great your skin and hair looks while you are pregnant, no photoshop required!  9 months can fly by or drag on and on, however you are coping why not have a bit of fun creating some memorable images with the bump.


      “This was an important moment to capture and although I was feeling large, unattractive and physically uncomfortable, Matt helped me relax and enjoy the photoshoot. I was able to laugh and be myself which shows in the results. I was so happy with the shoot I hired him for the birth. Matt is an exceptional photographer who can capture life’s natural beauty.”

      – Maura Family 2019


      While we recognise labour is a very intimate experience and having a photographer present may not be for everyone, we offer this highly professional and compassionate service for those wanting to capture their miracle of new life. Before getting into photography Matt actually has 10 years experience working as a carer, he is very respectful, keeps out the midwifes way and offers an additional supportive calming presence. Matt aims to retain your modesty and dignity at all times in the images he creates. The main focus is not the labour itself, it’s about capturing the new parents emotions before and after, not necessarily during.


      “We had Matt come and photograph the birth of our third child and literally the only regret we have is that we didn’t do this for the other two kids. We were a bit apprehensive at first having a relative stranger in the delivery suite with us… In the end we forgot he was there… he is so discrete and respectful… He caught all the love and emotions we went through as a family and we have pictures we didn’t even know he took at the time. We are so glad that we met Matt and decided to go for it with him… Massive thank you again… you are officially a trained surrogate dad/ birth partner now!”

      – Duncan Family 2017


      It’s a real privilege to witness the sheer elation which immediately follows and your newborn’s first breaths in this strange new world. 

      No matter how many photographs you take of your children throughout their life, there will be that one newborn picture you keep going back to, a precious memory captured that will spark joy and pride whenever you look at it.


      Capturing lasting memories of the wee ones is a personal favourite job for Matt. He really loves babies and can help to calm them,


      “Matt is like the baby whisperer”

      –  Kaur Family 2016


      You have to take each day as it comes while they are young and if they are having an off day screaming the house down, Matt can still  help to create positive, fun memories.  There will be one moment of calm or even a smile, trust me. His patience, professionalism and experience shine through. 

      Why not combine a baby photoshoot with a whole family photoshoot? Particularly if you have other children, a session with Matt can be a really fun, positive experience taking the focus off the baby to strengthen the whole family bond. 


      Professional photographs of your children (and fur babies) growing up from the comfort of your own home and garden or a location of your choice, Matt prides himself on putting the whole family at ease and helping to create a fun memorable experience. His style is a world away from awkward posing in a formal studio setup. Whatever is important to your family that is what matters and Matt will focus on telling your own unique, personal family story through photography. 


      “We were all a little nervous since it was the first time for us taking professional photos as a family, but Matt made us all at ease and was great with the kids. We wanted to have natural/ non posed pictures and he delivered on that! We are so happy with the quality and the whole package. You can trust Matt and we can’t wait for a follow-up shoot”

      – Macleod Family 2018


      Acorn to Oak is already established as the go-to photographer with a few families since first photographing the couple’s wedding. It’s great to have repeat business but it’s more than that, it’s a privilege to get to know a family and watch them grow over time.